Reminder to folks in the fediverse (more specifically new folks), add a profile picture to your account. It makes it a lot easier to remember who you are and gives less the impression of you just being a spambot or something.

Bonus: You're personally expressing yourself :)

Boosts encouraged

I mean, it can literally be a picture of the number 4, just *something*

ref: @poncio

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@brandon @poncio to be fair, that is a very cool picture of the number 4

@paleobiologist Aww thanks :D I appreciate it :3

I love yours too! Is that the Maderno fountain in Saint Peter's square?

@paleobiologist I totally agree :D I watched a documentary quite a while ago in school about saints from Italy and pretty much the only thing I can remember is the places that they visited in the film. This was one of them and I've wanted to visit ever since

Ah thx for the tip. Now my profile here has a profile picture, too:)

@the_white_wolf Woohoo! I don't see it from my instance yet but it'll propagate eventually :)

Well it should. Mayby deleting the cache of fedilab app speed up the process.

@brandon This is only helpful in remembering people if they don't change it like every other day...(You know who you are...)

@mgrondin Yes, I totally agree, but we don't talk to those people :P Mostly because we can't find them anymore ;)

@brandon I'll make mine a generic silhouette. It would really match my username :)

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