GTK is really weird. But it's doubly frustrating when you barely understand rust, never used GTK before, and most of the documentation with examples are in C

At the very least, I'm happy my tiny little app works to change the source of my audio from one output to another :3

@brandon yes! I've been trying to do GTK with JavaScript, Golang and Python and feel EXACTLY the same.

@utahcon funny enough it was actually by cross referencing python, C, and Rust documentation that I made some sort of progress today

@brandon The main reason my attempts at learning GTK fail all the time.

Maybe the best way to learn GTK is to learn it in C first then translate that knowledge to whatever language you're using....

@cadadr I REFUSE TO LEARN AN INFERIOR LANGUAGE :P but for real, I guess it *might* be the best solution but I almost feel like that would be double the work.

There's also the fact that this is the first time I learn a strongly typed language :P

@brandon i'm no gui toolkit expert, but i think #gtk might would be better if it had way fewer widgets, but which were way more flexible. I might end up using a higher layer abstraction like #nigui
I pulled off #rust for now, and am learning #nim. I like it so far. Some external libraries could use some more/better docs, but that's not exactly unexpected.

@ITwrx damn as much as I would like to use another library I hate using frameworks and tying myself into those, I feel like I lose some control :p

@brandon yeah, i know what you mean. I usually go lower and lower as time moves on and my brain can handle it: for the same reason. This was one of my main motivators for learning a general purpose language like rust and/or nim. I got tired of laravel update issues and i want more speed. also, php is web only and i want to use the same ecosystem everywhere if possible.

@ITwrx If you want maximum compatibility you'd probably go hard on Javascript, it's too bad that there's no popularized compiled version of it or else it might be something decent to scale without breaking the bank

@ITwrx Drew DeVault is probably going to kick my ass for suggesting this :P

@brandon well, i'm not planning on going hard on js, but i am investigating "modernizing" (increased convenience/ease of use/fanciness) my web web FEs (using fetch() and UI components, sparingly), but using something lightweight, like #svelte
Maybe later i will use #nim complied to web assembly on the FE.
With #nim-lang's new GC work that's coming, it looks to be as fast as manual memory management, and it's already close enough for my current needs.

@brandon gtk was fine for me when i learned it in python, but rust's ownership and trait rules make it so the way you work with it is a little different than how it was intended to be used

@brandon yeah, with the object orientedness and inheritance and whatnot

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