Ukpol, covid 

You would think that they would at least use ACCESS to track Covid cases instead of excel

You would think that at the VERY LEAST they wouldn't be going one COLUMN per case instead of one row per case 馃檮

You'd think the folks in management there would be at the very least a little competent

Ukpol, covid 

@brandon That assumes they even know Access exists.

Ukpol, covid 


> But while CSV files can be any size, Microsoft Excel files can only be 1,048,576 rows long. When a CSV file longer than that is opened, the bottom rows get cut off and are no longer displayed. That means that, once the lab had performed more than a million tests, it was only a matter of time before its reports failed to be read by PHE.[1]

I... I both understand also absolutely do not understand.

Yes, I know Excel is often treated as a poor-man's database, but... WHAT?!

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