"The only people entitled to say how open source ‘ought’ to work are people who run projects, and the scope of their entitlement extends only to their own projects.

As a user of something open source you are not … entitled to anything at all. You are not entitled to contribute. You are not entitled to features. You are not entitled to the attention of others. You are not entitled to having value attached to your complaints. You are not entitled to this explanation." -

@datatitian I don't use clojure and that wasn't the point of posting this quote :p

@brandon yeah when he did this a fuckton of people who had always got this vibe from him but never had it explicitly said, rage-quit the community. not surprising.

rich hickey made clojure open source only because he was required to, not because he wanted to.

@bamfic not saying he's some open source god or anything, just making sure I provide reference.

My main reason for posting this is because there are too many folks who shit on those who make open source products and ask for donations

@brandon adware sucks too.

i am in favor of universal housing, universal healthcare, and universal basic income. let people work on what they want to, and not have to resort to adware, corporate sponsorship, and other capitalist bullshit unless they really want to

@bamfic totally agree, I hope we can find something sustainable for open source...otherwise every fucking minute will be squeezed out of every person willing to appease their (perceived) moral obligation to society in FOSS

@brandon i can only dream of the amazing art and music and literature, as well as software and hardware, that would result

@brandon it seems there's a future for an application that lists all the feature requests for an open source application, but filters out everything that starts with "I want","you need to" and "you must".
Sad that for so many maintainers it gets to the point of their own hobby becoming stressful because people think they know how to manage it better.

@vancha It's funny because there was something similar that I was thinking of when I was trying to figure out what sorts of things we could put together in terms of funding open source projects, especially the tiny ones

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