Is there a programming language whose purpose is for writing programming languages?

What is a programming language's compiler first written in when it can't yet compile itself?

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@brandon and it's good, I always refer to it when people ask this question 😃

@Matter I ended up watching the three "previous" videos as well on top of this one and they were all fascinating

@gopiandcode This is far beyond any of my technical ability to understand holy crap. I've never felt so damn dumb

@brandon Don't worry, if you're unfamiliar with the terminology from PL then it's understandable how it might be overwhelming.

If you're interested, just read Types and programming languages, which should give you an introduction to this style of language specification, after which it should be parsable.

@brandon Assembly Language. 😂😂😂 I mean in modern times a lot of this work is done in C. Often times language compilers are written natively, I’m not sure how that works, seems like at least at first there would have to be an intermediary that can translate instructions into machine code.

@brandon Yacc+Lex (I may be showing my age, there may be more modern solutions for creating new programming languages).

For compiling nowadays I think you'd target LLVM.

@brandon I think it’s Racket whose marketing tagline is this. Also, I know that Rust’s first compiler was written in OCaml.

@IslandUsurper Wow, you would think a C successor-like language would be written in C :P

@brandon, eh, considering the problems they are trying to solve, I don’t think it’s that surprising it wasn’t In C first.

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