Hi all, I'd like to officially announce the release of @promptodon!

The bot will post a writing prompt daily and will reply to you with a prompt if you send it /prompt

It's still a work in progress but you can find the repo here if you want to check out the code:

I've opened up registration on the Gitea instance so folks can contribute if they want. You'll be able to submit writing prompts via pull request too! :)

thank you to everyone who've already followed @promptodon

It fills me with pride that this has already gotten the attention that it has.

I'll be working tonight on adding more prompts to the pool and I'm more than happy to accept your suggestions as well :)

Send them to or reply here if you wish

What about picture prompts? Do ya'll think select photos may inspire you to write about something?

@brandon @Crocmagnon @gwenn didn't know what the bot would print so I wanted to just try it by doing it private 🤔

@brandon @promptodon @Gina this is cool! I need help to write more than just a journal entry every day.

@mpmilestogo @Gina I hope this helps then, I'm glad you happened upon this :)

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