After almost a month of faffing about, the Top 3 Linux distro post (and its twist) has *finally* been posted!

Skip to the bottom for the results, and read the whole thing if you want to learn about ranked-choice voting! I would love to hear your opinions once done reading :)

Boosts highly appreciated if you liked it, this post is 2700+ took a while to research and write

@brandon Maine has used instant runoff for two years for most positions. but the democratic primary was only RCV for four states in the US

@cosine oh that's awesome! Have you noticed any change in candidate behaviour? Or even just in the results?

@brandon very nice, what do you think about adding a negative vote?

@albi what do you mean by negative vote? As in including a vote which Nets a candidate negative points?

@brandon Yup, it is know thaat it can, for example in presidential elections, decreas the impact of extremist/populist candidates. That is if the election is really free, not just 2 or less candidates of course. :D

@albi I wouldn't really be against or for it, but to be honest I would rather not included in the end, just because it seems that it's just a way to breed some more negativity. Because of course the extremists themselves would be able to use the same negative voting, so I don't think it really changes much

@brandon I guess it's more suitable for anonymous elections. Anyway the trick is supposed to be that well informed people usually use all their votes well, while badly informed folks only use one or two.

@FactCore aww thank you I'm so happy it was worth the read for you :)

@brandon How did I miss this on my feed! I had been waiting for this. :D

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