Female candidate for our helpdesk has been the first in like 6 that I've actually been able to say a strong yes on. All others were men, and just...meh


to be clear, I'm happy that we might finally get the first female full time employee on our IT team

@brandon Yeah, someone has to make coffee har har har.

Just kidding! If she is good worker, who cares about gender?

@efftoyz Less about gender specifically and more about experience. As a woman she's certainly had a different experience working in IT and has different opinions to bring to the table. Can help diversify perspectives and workflow ideology :)

@brandon oh wow. Like in history the first full time female?

Every company I worked at we had females every where, from labor to management.

@jordan31 We have an intern working with us this summer who's a woman but she's also had no experience prior in IT so a little different.

I'm mostly happy that we're gonna get another Montreal person though! Like, we're two people in the Montreal office for the entire IT team :(

I want more friendddssss

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