:( Unflippy bot is no more. It's not considered within botsin.space policy, which is perfectly understandable. I also just don't feel like putting more effort into that

@brandon oh ok I get it. But meh. Could always run your own server and pit flippy somewhere else.

@jordan31 I run my own server, and I could put flippy elsewhere, but I really just don't feel it's worth the effort. It communicated with a single person in the last 2 months and that person didn't appreciate it.

So fuck it. Again, not worth it

@brandon lmao poor flippy. He got the cold shoulder. I understand not wanting to upkeep it. I let one of my bots die because it was completely pointless. And only a handful of people used it.

@jordan31 Well that's just it. Like, multiple people can say like "oh you should work on it, don't abandon" but at the same time, like...the same people saying don't abandon it aren't the one using it so ๐Ÿคทโ€โ™‚๏ธ

@brandon eh you do you. You could always spend that time and energy on something else more rewarding.

@jordan31 Like making our Linux deployment one-touch :D

Are you working on anything you're excited about lately?

@brandon only dinner haha. I am a little excited about school work. Mainly interpersonal communication and a research paper.

@jordan31 Watcha makin' for dinner?

And ouu, interpersonal communication paper?

@brandon the paper will argue open source vs corporations. Mainly if the movement is really good for business or intellectual property.

@brandon Very well could be. But I'm leaning towards license like BSD and Apache, Microsoft's license, and Pine (or is it Pico) orig license can be leveraged easily and effectively for businesses.

Basically seeing if a middle ground would be a win/win for both sides and possibly lead to more Open-Source adjacent software.

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