Top 3 favourite GNU/Linux distros go!

Boosts highly encouraged! There's a twist with this one ;)

PS: The twist has nothing to do with Linux or open source

:ubuntu: Ubuntu
:centos: CentOS
:arch: Arch

That's my answer, figure I'd pitch in after the fact rather than upfront as to not skew the responses

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@eal won't count this one, but I'm sure that was your goal :p



I also like the FreeBSD, OpenBSD, and NetBSD.

@tk @brandon
1. Debian
2. Linux Mint Debbie
3. Antergos (My first Distro but I beleve it doesn't exist anymore)

atm. I am on a BSD Laptop

:popos: Pop_OS!
:manjaro: Manjaro
:ubuntu: Ubuntu Server

Not in particular order !

@Blort @brandon Can you count YUNohost as a Linux distro? I thought it's just Debian with some preinstalled server software.

@brandon @Blort So if I wrote Proxmox insead of Debian it would also make no difference?

@albi @Blort Considering that not only does it serve a fundamentally different purpose, it's provided by a different developing organization, that it provides a different experience entirely, and has a modified package base and kernel, no, they would not be considered the same

They are different enough

The question was what our three favourite distros are. I answered what I consider they are for me. What exactly makes up a distro and what doesn't, I would say, is not only highly subjective, but pretty gradiated. My overall point is that I gave a subjective answer to a pretty subjective question. A distro can be defined many ways and it's pretty much a waste of time trying to convince other people that their answers to a subjective question are wrong.

Lol. I should have known better than to actually reply to a question about favorite distros. 🤦‍♀️ That one's on me!

@Blort Hey, that's perfectly ok. I see your point, I just wanted to become a bit smarter by your answer. 😄

No problem. I may just not be the right person to talk to, to become smarter! 😋

It pretty much is as you described. That doesn't stop it being the best self hosting distro in my book though, in a way that straight Debian isn't. If we're going to call Yunohost just Debian with extra server software though, then really Kubuntu should also be called "just Ubuntu" with a set of desktop environment and apps added. Then again, maybe Ubuntu is "just Debian" with stuff added, too...

@Blort @albi The *ubuntu variants are all considered the same in this collection considering that they are (almost) the same package set, save for the desktop environment.

Ubuntu isn't "just Debian" as they not only have a different developing organization, changes made to Ubuntu's package set are not at all dependent on Debian's release schedule.


In no particular order:

Manjaro (and all Arch by extension)

@brandon Anything that doesn't support stupid bloatware systemd:

1. Slackware
2. Devuan
3. Void

My favorites (might be a little biased lol)
Drauger OS

Honorable mentions to Solus and Manjaro tho.

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