I been playing lots of CS:GO lately, wanna watch?

Will be streaming CS:GO in about 10 mins @

Be warned, I suck sometimes, other times I don't

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I don't stream long, as I don't usually play more than like two three games at time. It was fun! Thanks to @DonMcCollough for joining :)

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@xn17 Not particularly interested in that kind of game mode. Prefer team deathmatch

@brandon @xn17 I know that Deathmatch is coming to Valorant in the next days

forgot about it since I play games on windows

@brandon I'd watch.

I tried CS:GO again this week and I liked it more than the first time when I felt ridiculously pwned. This time after a couple of hours I was a able to do like 5K 13D 2A.

@audiodude It gets better over time. One thing you might want to do is up your mouse sensitivity. Not too high, but something comfortable to you so you don't always feel like you're leading or lagging

@brandon @DonMcCollough Fun to put a face on someone from the interwebs. Not my favourite type of game, but you seemed quite competent at it 😂😂

@Matter @DonMcCollough Oh I didn't know you were there! Thanks for "tuning" in! :)

And thank you for the compliment :3

I am so bad at it i haven't gotten a rank yet.

@Twelve Meh ranks are moreso a representation of someone playing a lot, rather than getting gud.

I mean, problem is i can't like really play much with friends because of it

Looks like my friends can't figure that out. Usualy if i want something like csgo i usualy play pavlov insted. I usualy enjoy it a bit more

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