Fucking Windows...installing its bootloader ON THE WRONG DRIVE!

Anyone know how to prevent this aside from unplugging the drives you don't want touched?

@kai $20! To save myself hours of reinstallations?? Score!

:thinking: I need a way to do this for my NVME drive tho damn

@kai oh no dual boot for me! Completely isolated and boot is chosen by which boot drive I use

@brandon yeah that's the only way to do it honestly

@kai i'll need that drive bay whenever Windows decides to update though that's for sure. I remember an update totally in borked my system back in the day.

@brandon I finally have a good sound card for linux amd a favorite distro, so at this point I've pretty much settled into having two distinct machines.

I'll probably replace this refurbished Dell T3500 with whatever new NUC comes out with Iris Pro graphics, and that will cool my drive swapping.

But I've been "transitioning" since 2017 or so and it's super helpful.

@Alonealastalovedalongthe @brandon it's Hey Kingwa's brilliant NFB-11

I use one for my TV as well. It's DAC only so I still use Windows to record. But I knew I would never use Linux for anything if the sound wasn't as good as Windows.

price is really unbeatable for hardware this good

@kai If I had one of those external GFX card bays and support for TBolt, I would be going that way and using my work laptop for gaming but alas, those are expensive and staying intel isn't worth it for me :P

@brandon anecdotal but I got one for a Windows/Mac only sound card, the approved enclosure recommended by the manufacturer etc. and could not make it work.

I gave up and built the rest of the pc around that sound card (not the NFB-11) 😅

but the thought of a modular machine is really appealing

@kai ouu that's perfect! Thanks dude I really appreciate it. In a 970 Evo, is it necessary to have that heatsink or is a drive fine without it you think?

@brandon I only have one machine with m.2 nvme; it doesn't even have a drive bay lol so I have no idea what the temps are like.

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