So today is a holiday in Quebec, Canada and I just got a message from one of the execs asking if I could set up their new laptop.

I don't subscribe to the "do anything without question when it comes from a C level exec"

So what do I do? I change my status to "Today's a holiday in Quebec" and mark myself offline.

Not 10 minutes later they send me a message, "I'll make a ticket"

Problem solved :D

More work stuff. Since we're kinda bilingual as a company, a lot of our stuff is available in both English and French. Some of it is translated from French by some of our anglophone folk, but some of it is translated to English by some francophone individuals.

There's a problem here though. There's no agendered pronouns in French. So when a specific article was translated and the article referred to someone aside from the one reading, it was he/him/his all over. Oy vey. I know it wasn't 1/2

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malicious but it could have caused some real issues. Y'know? IT...we're almost entirely 2020...using exclusively he/him/his...

I helped the folks involved understand, but they were so confused at the beginning

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