Legitimate question: Do you get enough sleep? Do you want to do something about your sleep patterns?

Discussion and poll below:

I'm satisfied with my sleep but I also find it helpful that I've synced up my sleep with my partner's. This may not work if your partner is vitamin D or iron deficient mind you.

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@brandon I don't wake up with an alarm these days. I get the full 7 hours my body needs .. and it's still not enough. It's never enough sleep.

@jade you might want to check out how to improve your sleep hygiene in that case. I felt that way for a while when I was living alone and I realized that I just wasn't doing the right things that are conducive to sleep.

Big one: don't browse on your phone too much in bed. Your brain will have a harder time recognizing the triggers needed to produce the bodily processes conducive to *falling* asleep. You'll also be less likely to see stay in deep sleep states as long as needed.

@kylejj Very interesting video. It was nice to see the inclusion about adenosine triphosophate and good to know I have even less time to drink my coffee in a day :P

@brandon Funny, I'm one that answered no; yes and I just learned today I'm vitamin D deficient. Picking up a prescription tomorrow...

@nebunez Glad you're finding out sooner than later! It can ruin a person's waking life :/

@brandon My sleep schedule is on really weird hours. I want them to coincide with sunlight a bit more

@MadestMadness the best way to do that is to REALLY focus on the wakeup time. The sleep time will come naturally thereafter but the most difficult, but also most tangible, method is to focus on the time you're waking up.

@brandon In general I'd attribute it to me being productive mostly at night coupled with my inability to stay asleep past 10 am

@kiri what about trying an early riser schedule? Say, waking up at 5am. I've heard some in betweeners like yourself find success with that

@brandon That's a viable option, I'll give it a shot! thx 😄

@brandon Sleeping from 2 AM to 12PM is definitely not healthy for me.

@gxtony No, it's definitely not. But if you want to fix that, you'll have to focus on your wakeup time to fix the sleeping time

I mean, i feel like i aam hetting enouth, but others tell me i should get more.

@brandon mine is stress induced. I'm working on calming myself to fix it.

@polychrome Have you tried meditation? It's /extremely/ difficult at first but I think after a few times you can get the hang of it

@kai I know you're being serious so I think it's worth mentioning that folks don't always have the energy to focus on themselves or making changes to their habits. This is especially true for folks with iron and vitamin D deficiency. I hope that helps

@brandon nearly anything that comes out of my mouth is half a joke. 😋

But it is true that people tend to make time for things that are really important to them.

It's like a new year's resolution…

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