Oh great, "blacks" is trending on Twitter. No good can come of this.


@bamfic @hector "Charlamagne tha God" he's the host of a radio/YouTube show that's known for being toxic to some white rappers and Logic (biracial) on his show.

@brandon Please tell me they're comparing quantitative levels of 'black', like "true black" versus vanta black, or OLED black versus CRT black.

They're not... are they?

@ndegruchy Bruh, I can't even think back to a time when it wasn't shit.

@brandon Well, we can start cherry-picking commits and then git-bisect and/or git-blame to edit out the bad bits...

@ndegruchy @brandon I mean, do you subscribe to the many-worlds interpretation....

@brandon I don't see that trend, just see doja and some others. Maybe because I'm not in America.

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