New bot idea: echo <inspirational-quote> | cowsay | lolcat

@skunksarebetter I was thinking of fortune, but something a little bit more focused on motivation/inspiration. Can one crowdsource inspirational quotes?

@brandon I think fortune has a fortune pack for that. I don't know what it is though, it might be embedded in another pack. Either way I swear I remember fortune giving me inspirational stuff.

@brandon fortune | cowsay | lolcat | figlet | base64 | rot13

@EclecticEclipse now we're talking lol. The problem is I have to convert it to an image for the bot to have the lolcat formatting

@brandon I've used aview to do the reverse (image to ascii art) before [see, it disables screensavers after displaying random ascii art of coffee].

Perhaps aview has another library to do the opposite? I'm also sure there has to be a web app that takes text and turns it into a fancy font/image... Not sure what but hey.

@brandon my .bashrc includes the line ‘verse |cowsay |lolcat’

You could also use fortune.

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