Don't post online pretending to be a woman period. Not to set a trap to receive creepy texts and expose those people. Not to test male privilege. Not to test whether you get better feedback.

You're hurting your cause. You're making it worse for women. You're removing credence for the women who have to deal with this shit on a daily basis.

@brandon This is superficially OK, but guilt about “hurting the cause” by “pretending to be a woman” was something that held me back from transitioning for a long time. I’d say: It’s OK to try being a woman online if you want to. You don’t need an excuse.

@ghost_bird Well there's a difference in "pretending to be a woman" and "living your life as a woman" I would say.

My original toot was moreso in reference to folks who have posted online under an alternate persona simply in an effort to garner creepy replies and say "see? This is what women get every day!" I'd much rather someone living as a woman(or properly identifying) speak up about the issues than a man. There's a reason entrapment is a viable legal defense, I would say

@brandon It can be hard to tell if you’re pretending or living when you’re figuring things out, so I don’t really make that distinction as strongly as you do.

@brandon The problem with collecting and publishing creepy replies, for me, isn’t the deception. It’s that when women do it they’re more likely to be vilified or ignored while men get money and positive attention.

@ghost_bird I really do see where you're coming from though and I agree with you on your general rule of "You don't need an excuse"

Maybe a better statement would be, "Don't pretend to be a woman for social justice reasons"? What do you think?

@brandon I guess I’d say “you don’t need an experiment to ‘prove’ something women have been telling you they experience all the time”.

@ghost_bird Right on the money, thanks for discussing this. I really appreciate the conversation.

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