Your last text/DM/chat message is is the title of your upcoming documentary


"Oof, I'd replace that seat on the uni. Looks like a torture device."

Seems legit.

@RussSharek A documentary about folks using public services in a way that was not intended

I am not sure hpw you came to that, but i can see it plosibel i supose.

@Twelve Pronounced out loud, to me "yierd" sounds nordic. But that's to my uncultured ears so 🤷‍♂️ Sorry if it sounds insensitive :/

Close enouth, am from the north parts of europe, so to me i don't quite see the conection with tiered beeing misspelled with an y, mabye make more sens if it was with æ, ø or å, but idk people experinec words diffrentlt.

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