Looking for super dumb ideas for web apps I can make in a few days. Challenge me with your stupidity

@brandon I don't know if I can beat the idea I got @djsundog interested in:

It'll parses an XHTML5 form and converts into it links making up onscreen keyboards, etc providing the required data! And yes, I have an actual use for that!

@brandon @djsundog Well, you can start that one in a few days. Maybe not finish it.

@brandon @alcinnz

here's my understanding of the request, functionally:

a web service that takes the markup for a well-formed XHTML5 form, parses it, presents each form element as a page with links that can modify the value of the form element appropriately, as well as a link to move on to the next form element, and once all the form elements have been filled in this manner, the completed form element with user-supplied values is returned (possibly to a provided callback)

I still haven't wedged time into my schedule to sit down and mock it up much less flesh it out, but it's still on my list (though happy to see someone else catch a spark and do it instead lol)


@djsundog @alcinnz modify the value of the form element how? What types of form elements?

@brandon @djsundog I'm thinking the (local) webservice would either send the form submission request itself or tell my browser engine to do so.

It doesn't have to modify the refering page.

As for which form elements, I'm leaving that quite open-ended!

@djsundog I'm curious: Any idea what "stack" you might use?

Not that I really care..

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