Looking for super dumb ideas for web apps I can make in a few days. Challenge me with your stupidity

@RandomDamage Doesn't exactly sound like a "few days" app :P Also doesn't sound like a dumb idea

@brandon it might be harder in HTML5.

ISTR the VIC20 buffers really being nice to side scrollers

@RandomDamage I've never used or even seen a functioning VIC20 (in video or otherwise) so I'm mostly lost

@brandon I guess I'm old :(

How I did side scrollers was populate the RHS of the buffer and shift the whole thing left.

Collision detection was "fun", but there's sophisticated libraries to handle stuff like that now...


@RandomDamage I've actually never made a game before but I'm sure there are easier ways of doing a lot of that stuff compared to back then :P

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