Looking for super dumb ideas for web apps I can make in a few days. Challenge me with your stupidity

@brandon I don't know if I can beat the idea I got @djsundog interested in:

It'll parses an XHTML5 form and converts into it links making up onscreen keyboards, etc providing the required data! And yes, I have an actual use for that!

@brandon Maybe it'd help if I provided context for why I'm interested in this: I want to create a smart TV web browser, and TV remotes can barely anything more than hypertext.

So when you activate a form input it'll give you links to type or select a valid value. Then step you through the form until you submit it or hit the back button.


@alcinnz This is a *useful* thing :P not a dumb idea lol, give more credit to your ideas!

@brandon Maybe "weird"'s a better word than "dumb"...

I'm sure it will be useful for other browser engines too!

@brandon I've been working on an auditory browser engine first, but I hope to build that smart TV browser upon it's components!


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