Do you sleep with your socks on?

@brandon actual answers:

* I am a monster

* I am not a monster

* I don't have feet

@kai @brandon actual ansers:

* I live in a cold place

* l live in a warm place/keep my furnace turned up high

* Who else's socks would I sleep in?

@brandon Sometimes.... When I have cold feet. But generally not.

@jellal I'm slowly realizing that I'm the weird one out :P

@brandon @jellal I *would* sleep in my socks but for two things:

1. My legs get uncomfortable if I leave something elastic gripping them without a break every night, so, if I wanted to sleep in something like socks, it'd have to be footie pyjamas.

2. My body loves to dump its excess heat into my feet... to the point where I'm often wearing matched socks and sandals when others have switched to shoes and shoes when others have switched to winter boots.

@ssokolow @jellal Thankfully I don't have that issue and I'm just so used to sleeping in socks. My biggest time where I cannot sleep without them is when I've recently trimmed my toenails and then they just scrape against the blanket and arghhh.

Just thinking about it gives me the shivers

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