@brandon Reason? (I put #nobots in my profile because of it but interested to know what the issues are)

@dlek Firstly because there is no description on the account, the account is locked, meaning that you can’t see any of the tootsThat the account has posted, and there’s also no specific person to contact in case the bot goes wrong. That and the fact that it belongs to the domain that is seemingly related to searching the fediverse

@brandon I noticed the same things, was wondering if something concretely sinister or annoying had surfaced.

@dlek I deleted the original toot just to be safe. It looks like it's just pleroma mastodon incompatibility

@brandon Hm okay. I can't load the profile, times out. Thanks for keeping me posted! :)

@brandon I can get at it from another host but not from my usual IP. That's rather odd.

@brandon Something to do with verifying SSL, so far as I can tell. It may be something to do with the SSL library differences between machines rather than some IP issue--I have little idea. No, doesn't seem to be cookies.

Shouldn't be SSL either--the cert is LE. And I use that all the time so that had better be working! (It is--phew 😅 )

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