@brandon I disagree with this.

Writing is incredibly important. You need to be able to write much more than you need to be able to type, because what do you do when the computer isn't there? What do you do when you need to communicate over a trusted medium?

Yes, typing skills are important. They're more useful than writing skills. But they're not more important – they need to be able to write intuitively (even if slowly) before writing practice is dropped from the curriculum.

@electricsand Yup, two friends around me at least got sucked into the bait

@brandon I'm sure schools are emphasizing typing more these days. But writing is really only taught until middle school. I graduated high school before 2012 but was submitting everything typed and didn't do much hand written by middle school.

@cavaliertusky @brandon I'm feeling old. I learned to type in middle school in the 90's on Swingtec electronic typewriters.

@unicornfarts @cavaliertusky electronic typewriters are basically the precursor to keyboards

@brandon but so much better. they weighed 800 pounds, and you knew they were running if you heard a whirring. Also an entire classroom of typewriters sounds fucking amazing. I felt like I was at the Daily Planet or something. 😆

@unicornfarts everything they sounded like a reason not to have them lol

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