I think the hardest part of migrating to iOS has been trying to find equivalent apps and getting used to the different design ethos

@brandon some things i find are much better in iOS, like the integrated apps for instance. Feels a lot more polished than AOSP or stock google android. What iPhone did you go for?

@Xian_ it was a phone that was leftover from an employee who quit. The iPhone xr

I hate it But I totally agree with you on the being more polished part, for the most part. Think Android apps can be bad try using poorly made apps from iOS

@brandon Ugh, i know. Worked for the Apple support some years ago. It's a real shitshow. Both platforms have their pro's and cons, i prefer Android myself since i like to tinker with the phone.

@Xian_ the thing that has probably frustrated me the most is the keyboard in all honesty. Why is the comma not on the primary page of the keyboard? I get why the period wouldn’t be. You can double tap space to get the period. But what the hell? And the only way to change that is either jailbreak (hell no. Not doing that.) or using a third party keyboard...which has inconsistent keyboard defaulting

@brandon yeah, that's really off for me too. Idk why they ever chose to do that :/

@Xian_ also, what’s with the pound sign being on the second symbols keyboard?? Of course I use the ampersand more than the pound sign APPLE 😂

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