Holy shit I didn’t know that scripting was a thing on the iPhone! :o

@brandon what are you using for it? I know that shortcuts provides a decent interface for automation, and that apps can allow you to extend that in JS or Python…

@ndegruchy I haven’t ventured into the world of iPhones scripting just yet but at the very beginning I’m sure that shortcuts will serve its purpose well enough

@brandon @ndegruchy I have to rollout 700 iPads at work and shortcuts are very interesting for automation to prepare the iPads for the users. You can even run scripts over SSH, you have loops, if...then..., measurements, statistics etc. And that is only a small selection. Scary.

@datenteiler @ndegruchy idk, I might just end up staying with this. It's been a far smoother experience than any android phone I've had

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