Ran an internal company live stream today Learned the difference between mic level and line level audio...and almost had a heart attack in the midst of it.

Details in thread


An hour before going live, we had a YouTube music stream going. Sound is fine. Start the company stream. No audio...well, audio but garbled.

Switched out the 3.5 to mic level inline converter to a line level converter. Sound it GREAT! Still not sure why it made a difference for YouTube stream vs Vimeo stream but answers would be lovely

And then an hour after the live stream starts, for some reason it just randomly says the Stream is offline. But then refresh the page and everything is back to normal, another hour later the same thing happens, so there's some sort of time out that's happening after a minute. We can't figure out whether it's the browser whether it's the live stream, the streaming software, or even the internet connection

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