Tiny Skyline wallpaper generated thanks to @ashur's @tinyskylines bot located at:

Modify the last line to (300, 150, 20) for something more 1080p friendly.

@ashur as you can see I figured out how to make a bigger image, but I'm confused as to what the last parameter (which I set to 20 here, because 5 made the image too small for some reason) does.

What's cool about this is that you can just set up a login script that runs the skyline generator and you get a new wallpaper every time you log in :D

@brandon Oh wow, this is so cool! It's been a very long time since I touched the generation bits, but I believe that's the size of a given "pixel" (i.e., the size of one window) — a bigger value makes for a bigger image and a chunkier skyline

@ashur oooh okay, I'll have to dive into the building bits then if I want taller buildings?

I wish I knew more PHP to make this more end-user customizable :p

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