Depuis ma visite à Quebec, I've found myself appreciating greatly le fait que je suis bilingual. C'est quelque chose qui me donne quite a bit of pride to be from la ville de Montréal.

Le manque de diversité in Quebec City was very apparent depuis le moment que j'ai arrivé.

I effectively double the amount of people que je peux parler avec sur le Fediverse seeing as I speak both French and English.

@brandon C'est vrainment awesome being able to parle deux langue. :)

@brandon I can't imagine any fediverse French speakers don't also speak immaculate English 😅

@kai it's a fair point, but for real, it simplifies life in Quebec in general :p you get to accommodate almost everyone

@brandon that was refreshing, thanks! 😊 Good on you that you’re bilingual :)

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