This is about the time where I realize I'm a workaholic

@brandon Calm down, have a coffee, an maybe there is something interesting you like to do :)

@rudolf Coffee sounds good right about now, haven't had one in the comfort of my home in a while

@brandon sounds like a good time to take a break. Hope you get some chill time today!

@brandon well with the time change, tonight will be here before you know it!

@jm It's funny because so many people gripe about the time change and I'm just like whatever :P

and the gripes only come within the days preceding and following the time changes

@brandon change is hard, but yeah, only takes a couple days. Glad it doesn't bother you, I know people can get pretty down this time of year.

@jm I was starting to get down, what with being EXTREMELY disorganized for like two months. I just moved in with my partner in september, and mid-september started a new job, week after that spent two weeks in QBC, and then back to MTL for two weeks, another week in QBC, and being sick during that week...been a lot to take, on top of being busy both at work and socially

At least I /have/ a job, a home, and a partner... that's what's kept me going thru this :P

Things are finally settling down

@brandon oh snap, that is a lot. Glad it's quieting down now.

A home base and a partner do go a long way towards keeping us going, that's for sure. A steady income doesn't hurt either.

Cheers to a bit of calming after the storm.

@jm aaaand there's never a full moment! Received a shipment of 38 TVs...and no palletmaster to bring the stuff upstairs and this building is NOT meant for large objects to be moved around.

It took us like 2 hours or so to move them to the office taking 10 people and 2 separate freight elevators...1 of which was not made for real fucking freight apparently

Goddamn today sucked

@brandon that bites, but you could always look at it as an unscheduled work out, in a get to skip the gym kind of way. Sounds strenuous.

Hope tomorrow is better!

@jm had another huge order of equipment but thankfully piecemeal it was small stuff

@brandon sounds like a step in the right direction!

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