User complains that they have to download and re-upload a slide deck just to modify it...and insists that syncing 256GB of files to their macbook is the solution to enable that...convenience

@brandon Ah, old SharePoint woes. I remember them well. Yes. Let’s over-engineer a solution so you’re not minority inconvenienced.

@ndegruchy @brandon I’m trapped at a Microsoft shop. We’re actively trying to get everything *onto* SharePoint because our old solution is even worse.

@alexbuzzbee @ndegruchy oh God that sounds horrid

Do you at least get a hand in organizational structure?

@brandon @ndegruchy It’s not as bad as it sounds. The guy in charge of IT understands that SharePoint is not a good CMS or OS, so we’re not trying to put our applications or intranet on SharePoint. But all the documents are going there because the previous solution was a years-old file share on a broken-down domain controller.

Meanwhile, we have ServiceNow as our ticketing system now (upgraded from nothing), so things are looking up on that side. Unfortunately, it’s still a Microsoft shop.

@brandon @ndegruchy But at least I do have some cool projects with PowerShell.

@alexbuzzbee @ndegruchy as much as I hate windows, powershell has been really nice to me :)

@brandon @ndegruchy I'm automating all the things. DSC is really really cool, even if there's trouble using it with PS Core. I may end up reimplementing my own LCM to get to PS7.

@alexbuzzbee @ndegruchy what does the DSC do? God, I'm such a n00b when it comes to Windows in the enterprise

@brandon @ndegruchy DSC: Desired State Configuration. You tell DSC what you want and it uses special DSC Resource PS modules to implement that configuration automatically.

So, instead of saying "check if the web server is installed, install it if it isn’t, check if the application is configured, set it up if it isn’t, and copy these files," you say "the web server should be installed, the application configured, and these files present."

@alexbuzzbee @ndegruchy we're currently stuck with sysaid unfortunately but we're considering our options. We might go w/ SN in the end just because they're already a partner and the relationship is already there, but there's tons of good options out there.

I'm trying to propose GLPI but it's a hard sell because we're a 'cloud' company so if there's something we use that isn't cloud, it *can* be considered 'not believing' in the cloud 🙄

@brandon @ndegruchy A consultant tried to sell us on SysAid. Fortunately I was able to kill that. If you can get ServiceNow, I highly recommend it, but *do not* go for an MSP that uses Domain Separation. We made that mistake; it essentially completely locks out all the tools that make ServiceNow actually good.

ServiceNow is amazing as a development platform. I was able to do things like reimplement the whole concept of email in a few minutes. It's the best database frontend I've ever used.

@brandon @ndegruchy We're also a "cloud" company. All the things live in Azure or Office 365 (except ServiceNow is obviously hosted by ServiceNow). It has some upsides.

@alexbuzzbee @ndegruchy I like the out-of-intranet availability of everything, including SSO

@alexbuzzbee @ndegruchy sysaid works fine, but it's behind the times at this point. It used to be the best thing out there at some point from what I understand

I've never used ServiceNow so I don't know what the experience will be like. As long as it's better and I can properly use it on my phone, I'll be happy

@brandon @ndegruchy It’s a tool ServiceNow provides to create security boundaries within an instance. Unfortunately, it is immature and breaks a lot of components, plus preventing you from customizing anything yourself.

Some MSPs try to use it to isolate tenants. This does not make the tenants happy. We are currently one of those tenants.

@brandon @ndegruchy Okay my manager literally just asked me to write a project plan to write a ServiceNow replacement because apparently now we aren’t happy with SaaS. This is news to me.

@brandon heh have ran into similar issue. Let me guess Dropbox or equivalent was the suggestion?

@geekgonecrazy we use Google drive in some fashion and they use shared drives from others...that have folder structures going quite deep

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