Can the Amish ride coal powered trains? 🤔

@brandon I'm assuming only if it was hand-made entirely. The Mennonites can though

@brandon IIRC, Amish are allowed to use technology, not own it.

@brandon @ndegruchy my wife reads a lot of that Amish stuff. She says they could even ride in cars. They just are not allowed to operate it. 🤷

Having worked with a few Amish in the past. Yes they can and do use power tools, and equipment. Some of what is considered do-able or not is determined by their local leadership. And yes they did hire people to drive them around to the job sites. Some of them are really cool. Others aren't. I know some that kept a microwave for use on the job site also. There's 10-12 year old Amish kids that could out work most men.

@brandon @ndegruchy

@brandon We've been spending most our lives, livin' in an Amish paradise.

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