I'm looking for something special, and I'm wondering if someone could help me.

I want an HDMI extender splitter combo that allows me to plug in 1 HDMI cable at the transmitter, plug one Cat5/6 cable to the transmitter, and the other end to the receiver, where I can plug 3 or more HDMI cables to display to three or more displays.

HDMI > Cat5/6 > HDMI * 3+

Just an idea, don't know if possible.
Take two Raspberry Pi4, they have two hdmi each. Run some kind of remote control, conferencing or team viewing software on each Pi4.
That would be around $100.

@geekgonecrazy this is the exact thing that I was finding already, and not what I need 🤔

@brandon maybe it’s a limitation in how they transmit over the cat5/6 cable? Might not be friendly to multiple streams

@geekgonecrazy no, it's one HDMI into a transmitter on one end and three HDMI on the other end

But you make a good point on referencing interference

@brandon ah right was thinking of multiple streams because of that 1 to many over individual cables and receivers.

Probably more likely that it’s more common to want to run cat6 when the monitors are all spread out. Vs when all are close enough for regular hdmi lengths. I’d imagine in those cases they just have the computer local with the splitter and call it a day.

@geekgonecrazy it's more than 3 meters and 4k unfortunately :/

But I'm wondering if it makes more sense to have a splitter w/ three receivers more than a receiver with a splitter integrated

@brandon A few more runs, but might be worth having an all in one solution. Especially if dealing with 4k. Might cause issues with signal quality if routing the signal too much.

@geekgonecrazy That's pretty much what we have already, an HDMI extender plugged into an HDMI splitter.

I want to combine the receiver and splitter into one box, not physically, but like, the functions

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