I like that one of my baseboard heaters sounds like light rain on a tin roof when it turns on :3

@brandon I'm frustrated with the baseboard heaters in my apartment (tl;dr: they're real bad for a room with high ceilings), but that sound *is* lovely.

@hummingrain How high are we talking about? Honestly for anything larger than the space I have right now, it makes more sense to go with central air

@brandon ceiling that somewhat follows the roofline, so one story on one end and then two stories high for a lot of it, for the living room.

It's a real bad fit. And gets real cold in the winter. :(

It's an apartment and a rental. There's evidence it used to have a wood stove, which'd be a great fit for heating that space without central air, but it was removed at some point before I moved in. :(

@hummingrain If you have the money you should invest in a space heater then. Could even get it in the shape of a fireplace! :D

@brandon Yeah! I have space heaters, but they're either too small for the space or radiator-style without a fan. It'd be good to get one of the big fireplace looking ones. I'll keep an eye out :D

@hummingrain it might also be worth it to look into building a lower ceiling, if you're good with that stuff, or get a contractor then if you're not

@brandon sadly it's a rental, so I don't think I can do that. And I have yet to get everyone else on board with a rent strike or magically having enough capital to buy out the owner and make it a co-op

Is there a light fixture on the ceiling?
A Ceiling fan?
If not a small fan on a high shelf might help a bit to move the air around?

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