removed my personal mastodon instance. Takes too much space no thx

@brandon it’s too bad we can’t some how federate our identity from a local instance and use other mastodon instances as the primary. Like porting around ones email and domain. That’s the only reason I’ve even considered starting my own instance. Just so I can use an identity in the fediverse that I fully control

@geekgonecrazy The only reason I had the other instance is because of wanting to share some political shit but I don't really care to at this point as I've become more focused :P

Since my new job I've become hyper focused on slimming down the crap that I post, and the crap that I consume, so that I can try and clear my mind of...well...crap :P

@brandon I guess I’m fortunate in that way. Always so busy with work and family I am constantly having to keep the crap consumption to a minimum. Just can’t find the want to spend the mental cycles messing much with politics.

One might consider my RSS feeds and mastodon with tech related content crap. 🤷‍♂️ But, I like to make time to keep up with tech. View that almost as an investment

@geekgonecrazy I definitely see keeping up with the latest tech as an investment. You don't get into tech support or sysadmin jobs by having just a snapshot of some period of time's tech knowledge.

The tech knowledge base is rolling release and if you don't keep your KB up to date, someone else younger and more ambitious will take your place. Not like it's always a competition, but it's beyond reasonable to expect to follow at least one course per year

@brandon exactly! Plus I think I personally would have a big empty spot in my life. I always hated attending school, but I love learning.

@geekgonecrazy course can include a MOOC or something along those lines if you're into that sort of thing :P

and I'm the same. If I don't get my fix of learning, I feel like I'm moving backwards or stagnating

@brandon I’ve actually tried those a few times. Couldn’t really get into it for some reason. I still find my self with YouTube videos, articles and applying being most efficient for me

@geekgonecrazy it would be nice to be able to port the persona, but I don't think it'll happen. It's too complicated for what it's really worth

@brandon likely so. Though can’t help but imagine some a couple of dns records to point to an instance and a proof of ownership being a way to point an identity to an instance. Of course if it were that simple would already have happened :)

@geekgonecrazy We have a way to say "hey, I've moved over there", and a way to export and import a followers list, but I'm sure it's more of a security issue when it comes to importing a complete persona including posts and whatnot.

Imagine how much damage I could do if I instantiated another version of an account of hacked on another instance? I could say "no, I'm the real one"

Yes, it's an easy thing to post proof, but what if someone wasn't aware because they weren't using fedi anymore?

@brandon this is true. Trust online is hard in general though the UX of it is even harder

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