After 5 hours of troubleshooting, I officially hate python

@brandon Why? I mean other than the five hour part, which, face it, can happen to everyone with any language.

@brandon What editor? Most can do a good job of finding the stupid mistakes and pointing them out to you.

@geniusmusing @gemlog had nothing to do with the language even. It's ununtu's usage of it that got borked when python was updated to 3.7

@brandon @gemlog And that is why my computers wear a hat. Except for servers.

@geniusmusing @gemlog long story short, some changes in 3.7 rendered `python3` unusable for the things that gnome-terminal and gconf-schemas used

I wish I knew more than that

@brandon @geniusmusing
the 'cp' commands shown create a 37m from a 35m within the 37 dir.

@gemlog @geniusmusing either way theres something wrong in the update process or simply someone didn't do their job :P

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