It's funny to see the exact same people complaining about the advent of the social score on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat trying to get more likes, followers, and streaks every day.

Like... It's the same shit! Can't you fucking see?

@brandon Not sure what you are on about here exactly, because this post is standing alone outside any thread.
If you mean people trying for the most 'likes' and shit on fb/twit, that's merely vain, gamified stupidity. That idiocy makes trolls like zuckerberg giddy with corporate retention glee.
If you mean the government mandated social score of the chinese govt (or any govt) that's a lot spookier.


@gemlog they're both social scores and I see the same people complaining about the advent of social scores but then turning around and saying "like my pic on insta" etc

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