In Quebec City now! Haven't seen much yet but the apartment and really, I feel EXTREMELY lucky to be with this company. They've put me up in a straight up condo type thing, and it looks like this

I hope I don't flub this job!

@brandon Oh wow that is pretty fancy!

I've heard Quebec City is fun to live in as well, so I'm also rooting for you not flubbing this job 😆

@Matter I'm not exactly in the middle of Quebec City rn, moreso in a outskirt of it. called St Foy

But I'm going to try and see the city tonight after work

@jordan31 Thank you for the kind words. I'll be a little nervous for the first few days but hopefully after doing some tickets, I'll feel a little more at ease

WoW nice. Congratulations, wish you much longevity and good fortune. ✌

@GLove wow thank you :D I appreciate it. Got a nice view from my office...well, not bad

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