Another take on the RMS "canceling":

This whole thing has made me quite disgusted really. I hope he doesn't stop his activism, even if not in the context of the FSF presidency

@brandon Well that's convenient. I haven't seen convincing arguments to vilify him to the point that he has been. He's not perfect, far from it, but he's not done anything that's more than awkward from what I've seen. I don't like that everyone has to think alike, and for RMS it doesn't justify a forced resignation.

@Matter what do you mean by "that's convenient"?

But yeah, I don't like it either and frankly while I HIGHLY disagree and think that he's an extremely bigoted fellow, I do find myself agreeing with you on this in that *this* shouldn't have been the reason he resignates; though I believe there are other reasons relating to his abrasive personality and huge disconnect between him. I find it hard to find a free software enthusiast that comes close enough to being able to relate to him :p

@brandon convenient that there are supposedly amazing arguments that have not been used for some reason. Would you mind sharing these "extremely bigoted" views he has? I would prefer to know about them so I don't have a malformed view or further defend such a person.

@Matter I'm sure we've spoken about it before but his views on pedophilia, necrophilia and beastiality

@Matter we already discussed this, I believe. It's related to his views on pedophilia, necrophilia, and beastiality.

But to add to that, his talk on "EMACS virgins" being women who've not used EMACS yet and how he's gotta "relieve them of that virginity"

I'll write a post on this(eventually) and why I *actually* think he's unfit for the job in the first place

@brandon He has changed his position on pedophilia since, necrophilia has defensible arguments (although I don't agree with them). The EMACS virgins story is maybe a bit tasteless, but not egregiously so, since the parallel with the Virgin Mary is quite clear.

Apologism of bestiality is not excusable, but at the same time I have not seen an explicit isolated comment of his, only that one quote from 2003 where a list of sexual deviancies is mentioned, and it is included.

@brandon I might agree that he was unfit for a public outreach job, but only because his other views being not normative might distract from the core cause of the FSF - free software - in the sense that it is harder to agree with someone on one topic if that person happens to hold a view you find morally wrong in some fashion

@Matter that's part of it for me. Those views are unrelated to his work and I can mentally separate those. They just make him a person I can't really all :p

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