Oh no! Did the OQLF get a hold of it or something? 😜

(Joke only Quebeckers and possibly other Canadians would understand)

More seriously, please define "french"; azerty, or any variant of Canadian French (which are qwerty-based)?


@normandc canadian french keyboard. CSA or something like that?

CSA is called Canadian Multilingual on Win and Linux and is my layout of choice. I'm guessing you should be able to delete it from your preferences and only keep one single keyboard layout. Can't help further, I parted ways with Apple 20 years ago.

@normandc yeah that's what it's called on mac. I have to keep it because of course I have to also write emails in french

Just FYI, I write all my English posts, emails etc using Canadian Multilingual layout. After all, it's still qwerty. 😉

In fact after every OS install I delete the plain English layout!

@normandc I also have to do IT work and that's near impossible to do with CSA. Try entering backslashes, backticks, or square brackets while writing markdown. It's annoying, and far less convenient while using CSA compare to English US.

I can't stand it. So I just use the switch language keyboard shortcut to switch between the two when necessary. It's quicker for me

I have no issue whatsoever doing these characters. Square brackets are used extensively in MediaWiki syntax which I've used a lot over the years.

Incidentally, what you call a "backtick" is in reality an accent grave.

@normandc but you have to use a modifier key to use the square brackets, no?

Also holy crap I didn't know that the backtick is literally the same Unicode character

Yes. I'm used to it, and reasonably fast too. That's what the thumbs are for! 😄

@normandc i, unfortunately, only type with like three fingers. It's really odd

It doesn't make sense to me to be needing to use modifier keys for a character I use more often than the unmodified key I use in the combo

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