"When deciding whether to block an add-on from running in Firefox, we ask whether the risk is so great that it outweighs the user’s choice to install the software, the utility it provides, as well as the developer’s freedom to distribute and control their software." - Mozilla

Btw, I'm still trying to get answers on Pocket's source code:

Feel free to comment or add questions/answers if you have any. Anything constructive? put it there!

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@brandon waaaaaaaaaaiiiiit a second there! Pocket is not open source? 😮 How have I never checked that?

That really hurts, knowing how much @mozilla pushes this on their users...

This crushed my friday

@yarmo @mozilla Nope, it's not free software, nor are any of the mobile apps.

It's unfortunate, but it seems the only reason they opened up the source for the FF components is because...they might have had to do more with the licensing of Firefox rather than any willingness on the part of Mozilla.

I really want to give folks their due process though and let these questions be answered...but when? I'm told this is "regular vacation season" but when does that end? I'm dismayed.

@brandon I'm guessing Pocket pays Mozilla…

@lnxw48a1 @kai shit, I missed this reply. Yes, Mozilla currently owns Pocket

@kai @brandon Depends on what data #Pocket collects and how well they market it to paying corporations. There's got to be insane competition in the "related sites" / "you may be interested in" space, so it may not make enough to break even.

@lnxw48a1 @kai they also receive income for Pocket Premium so I'm not sure for the numbers on that.

@brandon this is what they said almost 6 months ago I'm starting to doubt that they don't have any ideas to open source it ever 😞

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