Moved into the new place. Wish I could have slept better last night

Woke up to washer inputs leaking, it's gonna be a good day

Sarcasm aside: I'm super happy to be moved into the new place and I look forward to making new memories here with my partner

@yarmo thank you! It's going to be a few days until I can actually enjoy it what with my partner working this whole week with me working as well

@brandon I read somewhere that the odd thing about sediment thread and its little washer is that over-tightening can make them leak.
Experience is what you get right after you really needed it...

@gemlog oh God I would be so mad if that were my case!

@brandon "over-tightening is bad because you start to deform the rubber washer, which reduces its effectiveness."

@gemlog it's even worse when it's really old rubber rings and the rubber has mostly dried out

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