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Worst part is all these egregious invasions of privacy could be resolved by doing the following:

You know when you get that "how would you rate this interaction" survey at the end of a Skype call, or with Google Assistant, etc? Well just add to that a "hey can we use this recording to help better this service?" question! And the "learn more" could be like "if you say yes, real people will be listening, if any private details are present here, you might not want to say yes."

braindead simple.

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Regulation will only make things worse. Zuckerberg has been clear that he wants to be regulated. It creates a barrier to entry and prevents competition.

What we need are more #fediverse type solutions.

@brandon Here in Chile the law it's so retard that gov can accuse you of "obstruction" just by using an encrypted messaging app.

Funny shit because everyone (even the lawmakers) are using those kinds of apps.

@racuna That's unfortunate to hear :/ I feel bad for folks with a lesser democracy in their country :(

The worst part is that using an encrypted messaging app is not so different than using HTTPS :S

Also, protect your identity, I've heard about basically all voting citizens getting their data leaked 😨

@brandon yep, that leakage is old, but does not even needs hacker knowledge to get updated info.

@racuna It's unfortunate that governments have STILL not begun to take data privacy really serious, even in the US and Canada

@brandon yeah, most of them don't even do their homework before writing new laws.

"let's ban bitcoin"


"i dunno lol, but bitcoin is evil right?"

@racuna The thing is, computing for the end-user is a /very/ personal experience so any restriction whatsoever made to digital behaviour is taken as an affront to privacy and security, for good reason

@brandon I was with you until you said "regulation".

The government uses regulation to make it impossible for the little guy to compete with the big gun. The government is owned by the rich. The government needs to be overthrown, not expanded.


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