Here's a draft of the intended works to be published in the e-zine, to be submitted by others:

I'm REALLY looking for feedback here btw, I'm extremely unsure about this and I want to know how people stand on this sort of thing

@brandon I would suggest you take it slow and not try to publish too frequently.

@gemlog I'm not even sure if I'm going to be publishing a second edition XD this could totally be a one-off thing, tbh

@brandon I understand - you don't know the response for contributions, but it will take time for sure.
Plus you need time for Quebec City (or was it Ottawa?). Try quarterly?

@gemlog the projected publication date for this issue would be the 31st of October so the week in QC, QC wouldn't be an issue


@gemlog No problem! I don't expect other folk to be an expert on my life :P

Gosh...that would be weird if there was such a thing (I feel bad for hollywood-type folks)

@brandon Hey, I was close! Way back east somewhere in a big town where everyone has better french :-)

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