Yes! Keypads should be on the left, to reduce arm travel when reaching to the mouse

@brandon hmmm :thinking_rms:. I can see this being better for left-handed people

@brandon oh wow, that must be a rare find! I already have trouble getting a European layout

@Matter what's the diff between American and European layout?

@brandon I don't think it's called a European layout actually, but ANSI vs ISO. Keyboards and accessories are a bit hard to find in ISO format.

@brandon Love where the numpad is. Makes way more sense to me.

@cavaliertusky it makes sense but I would still put the arrows on the right, that way the letters are right in the middle 👌

@brandon Oh I didn't really notice that. Yes I'd definitely keep those on the right. Even though I'm left handed my muscle memory just knows where those arrow keys are. I'm less attached to the numpad on the right. and often need the mouse while entering numbers.


I didn't know they made keyboards with the numpad on the left. Makes sense but never seen one.

@PublicNuisance @brandon Probab;y why I like the 60-key boards - no numpads (or separate arrows) at all ...
But wow, a left-handed kbd! cool!

@brandon That is NOT the way God intended keyboards to be.

@gemlog It's the devils keyboard hehehe, red key switches and all ;)

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