Opened a pocket source code discussion here:

No need to respond, but if you have additional questions related to the matter that doesn't fall beneath one of the existing questions, feel free to post them

I don't anticipate even receiving a proper response to the Pocket Source Code question tbh.

I want one, but I don't think anyone's willing to answer a hard-hitting question like this

@brandon while you are waiting, checkout Wallabag: I find it an amazing app as great as before I hosted my own.

@brandon When I looked into it before I think Pocket is not owned by Mozilla but pays Mozilla to be included. Kind of like Google as the default search engine. And if my memory serves me well, whatever the company is that makes Pocket is not a nonprofit nor do they care about open source.

@jiminycricket Pocket's words were, from their press release, "subsidiary" which means that while it's not a "department" of Mozilla, it's still owned by Mozilla

@brandon thanks for the update! I just read into it a little more. I hadn't realized that Mozilla acquired Pocket a few years ago

@jiminycricket yeah it surprised a lot of us I think

They're quite lucky though that their product isn't core to a web browser's functionality or else they'd have had less time to open source their stuff

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