What distro/server distro do you run for your server needs?

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@brandon OpenBSD, Debian, and Plan-9 by order of population.

@jeremiah You really are one archaic person :P (no offense intended)

@brandon none taken -- though i would argue that Plan-9 is more "forward" than the unix-based systems.

use freenas for a nas sulution. my drives died tho.

@brandon The concept of an arch server is a little silly to me.

@cavaliertusky me too, but regular arch sets up without a GUI so 🤷‍♂️

@brandon I use CentOS/CloudLinux for web servers, and Slackware, as well as sometimes Debian/Ubuntu Server for other applications.
@brandon I guess I use CentOS for web servers more out of just familiarity with it for that application. And, use Deb/Ubuntu for others as sometimes there's better support/compatibility for certain packages.

@jordan31 I'm actually not really surprised, considering the popularity of Ubuntu on the desktop too

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