Redid poll to include Matrix because super common

planning platform?

@brandon I think if you just want to piss off 'THEM' use adblock, ssh and only use gpg email.
I do have a matrix/riot account, but I can't be bothered. And neither can my friends.

@gemlog ...what?

No, this is about the e-zine I'm publishing. I was wondering what platform I should use to communicate with a team I want to compose for making the e-zine :P

@brandon No, sorry. That was a separate rant.
I spent some time investigating publishing software with you in sympathy yesterday, but I didn't learn anything new. I would just stick with what I know: libreoffice, inkscape, gimp and scripting.
I saw your announcement and look forward to it.

@gemlog I've mostly settled on using InDesign especially since it's pretty inexpensive to run for a month while I do the actual making of the e-zine

@brandon We almost entirely switched to Matrix for internal communication and never looked back. E-Mail just for stubborn clients and communication with other external entities (just until Matrix is as common with every webhost as mail).

@brandon I can only recommend it. There is some learning curve in the beginning of course. I recommend to setup a test server with a test hostname and when everything is tested and you are happy, then setup a new production server with the real planned hostname. This whole federation thing is just plain awesome!

Only annoyance are encrypted room with ppl that use the web client and therefor get a new device ID with every login. But i heard they work on the trust-system to make that easier.

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