Calling all digital artists:

Inspired by the NSA security propaganda posters released on April 17th*, I'd like to publish an e-zine featuring some modern-day infosec propaganda posters.

The general idea is to focus on personal data privacy and the numerous data leaks that occur almost weekly now.

Timeline coming in a week or so but projected publication date (self-publish) would be towards the end of September.

Artists should keep in mind a "letter" size format.

All artists would retain their copyright and would have a URL of their choice for their image to link to, displayed prominently at the bottom right (but you can choose another place) as long as the link doesn't point to something too profane.

Please email me at

There will also be an opportunity for journalists/bloggers/writers to submit their publications for consideration in the e-zine, but that will come later in the process.

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Boost this thread if you think it's worth it! Fave if you would read/look at this ezine :)

Lastly, the ezine will /not/ be sold but donations will be allowed. All donations will be forwarded to a foundation dedicated to informational security education to be decided on by democratic vote.

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ARGH, coming up with names for things is difficult. What would you call an infosec focused ezine?

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EEP, I see quite a few folks boosting this thread! I want to note that the new projected publication date is October 31st and not the end of September.

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@brandon Wish I was good at art. Looking forward to seeing this though! I bet there are people in our community that can do much better than the NSA!

infosec ezine 

@cavaliertusky I wish *I* was good at art too, otherwise I'd be just asking for written articles :P

re: infosec ezine 

@brandon @cavaliertusky Try work with peeps at lainzine

re: infosec ezine 

@bane @cavaliertusky ouu thanks for the suggestion, I think I'll reach out for some advice!

re: infosec ezine 

@bane @cavaliertusky looks like I'm gonna have to install keybase again 😂

@brandon Data Technica?

Breach for the Sky

Chainsoft (probably used)

Nook Etching

Beyond the Gate


@cavaliertusky hehe that was sorta what I was getting at :P

I ended up going with In-Security Bytes

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