Hi all, I've set up a Mastodon instance using Docker and noticed that there's an issue with the setup script. It needs to be run twice, failing halfway through the first time. I'm looking for feedback on this issue here:

I'm not familiar with Ruby so I'm mostly lost as to what to do to fix the issue. I'm also not sure if this issue needs to be resolved with the setup script or the Dockerfile.

finally, some attention from the dev team on the Mastodon Docker setup:

@brandon this tripped me up to. Way back when I did it you had to copy the settings into an env file outside of docker manually before continuing.

@rpcutts You still have to manually copy it, actually. But the problem is that the env file isn't actually pulling from that file you copy the config into. It's SUPPOSED to pull from the file inside the container.

The only viable solution I can see, aside from "reloading" the env file is to actually have the env file be mounted from outside the container. chown 991:991 .env.production

Plume need to follow in their footsteps docker install if a mess. And since compile is riddled with Diesel compile errors. Yunohost version is a banger though! Props to the French👍
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